In-Mold Decorating

Pereles offers precision in-mold decorating capability to meet the dynamic molding needs of multiple markets. In-mold decorating is used to describe the various types of processes used to decorate plastic parts within the molding cycle. One in-mold decorating process used to decorate higher value durable plastic products consists of placing a three dimensional preformed decoration into a mold and forming plastic around it. The preforms or appliqués are prepared in advance using a thermoforming process which converts 2D decorated films into 3D foils. This in-mold decorating process is ideal for decorating parts with complex geometric shapes such as key pads, cell phone housings, instrument panels and more. These types of in-mold decorated products are expected to survive for many years in adverse environments.

Benefits of In-Mold 3D Preforms:

  • Design flexibility
  • Multiple colors and effects
  • Varying textures within a single process
  • Enduring graphics
  • Increased process productivity
  • Lower production costs
  • Accurate and consistent production
  • Durability of all components

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