In-Mold Labeling

Pereles also offers in-mold labeling capability to provide limitless molding options to multiple markets. In-mold labeling is a form of in-mold decorating and is completed with a process in which a 2D label is placed in a mold before the plastic part is formed. Generally this process is used when the finished component is flat or only slighted shaped. In-mold labeling can also be used to decorate flat localized areas on a product. Eliminating the need for an adhesive, in mold labeling allows the label to become part of the component itself and uses multiple compatible plastics to ensure integrity throughout the molding process with the end result meeting your technical and aesthetic specifications. Our precise in-mold labeling process ensures accuracy in the cutting and placement of labels to guarantee a consistent final product.

Benefits of In-Mold 2D Labels:

  • Reduced steps and lower production costs
  • Accurate and consistent production
  • Enhanced aesthetic design
  • No curling, peeling or tearing of after-mold labels
  • No adhesive needed
  • Durability of all components
  • Ability to combine parts
  • Less product handling

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