Pereles provides over-molding capabilities to enhance our customer’s manufacturing needs. Over-molding is a plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material is molded over another material or substrate to form one exceptionally durable or aestethically appealing part. A broad range of thermoplastic materials can be over-molded, including both soft and hard plastics. The over-molding process strengthens, protects and improves a part or final component, while reducing cost, labor and materials.

Benefits of Over-Molding:

  • Reduced assembly steps and costs
  • Enhanced aesthetic design
  • Improved product strength/functionality
  • Eliminated post-molding assemblies
  • Enhanced design capability

Sample of Over-Molding Applications

  • Hand-held tools
  • User the hood electronic components
  • Consumer electronics and appliances
  • Hand-held medical devices
  • Household products

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