Molds Designed to Ensure Success

Our customers count on us to provide the most cost-effective tooling for a project. We review product specifications, material requirements, parts required and so much more to make sure your project is designed to the appropriate specification ensuring successful plastic part production. This is the first step in managing a project in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The mold is the essential component in producing quality plastic parts over many cycles. When we are responsible for the design and construction of a new mold, we use high quality components to ensure maximum tool life. And, because molds can be very complex, we inform you early on of industry best practices related to effective mold design and longevity. Our best-in-class, in-house tool maintenance program includes inspection, cleaning and appropriate storage, so that every mold is always ready for its next run and achieves maximum longevity.

At Pereles, we offer the following tooling resources:

  • EARLY DESIGN INVOLVEMENT - Success occurs when we have early involvement in a project. A solid partnership with us allows customer designs to include the combined experience of both organizations. This allows us to engineer into a product the highest quality, lowest cost, manufacturing solution.
  • PROTOTYPES – Our in-house capabilities and services that include SLS, SLA and Urethane castings.
  • PRO-E, AUTOCAD, SOLID WORKS and FLOW - These capabilities allow for interfacing with customers and tool vendors resulting in timely and accurate communication regarding current projects. Quotation requests are welcome using our e-mail address.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - Multiple tools are built concurrently with part and tool progress reports provided weekly. A team approach involving engineers, toolmakers, designers, molding technicians and operators, ensures a product is completed on time and to specification.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote – 1-414-463-1000